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Global Sourcing Model
Let us start by removing the myths and horror stories you may have heard or experience with other vendors:

Global Sourcing Myths

  • Bad Quality: Wrong

    While itís not the case for all offshore vendors, the quality of service, reliability and the quality of finished goods produced by SearchRidge Global Sourcing meet exactly the same standards as our locally delivered projects using our OOO Model

  • No Control: Wrong

    The traditional throw it over the fence offshore model is rarely the best way to ensure the successful delivery of sophisticated development projects. The Agile methodologies used by SearchRidge Global Sourcing allows you to outsource any size of your IT projects while retaining maximum control and visibility.

  • Lost in Translation: Wrong

    While this might be the case with other providers, with SearchRidgeís OOO model, if we donít understand your business, we will not take your project on!

At SearchRidge, we use Agile Development methodology with focus on Visibility, Flexibility to incorporate changes, and Shorter time to market using our Agile OOO Model

  • Onsite SME & Project Management
  • Onshore Architecture & Design
  • Offshore Agile Development

We are so sure of our methodology from our experience that we guarantee every engagement with customer satisfaction.